Welcome to MIRKO, the online borrowing service of e-publications. If yoy have any questions, use our webchat, or contact us via email info@mirko.ee, or call us +372 630 7100.

How does it work?

select an e-publication
You can borrow up to 5 items at a time. Our selection involves e-books, audiobooks, newspabers, magazines.
Start borrowing
To start reading you need to have an online access and log in to MIRKO. This service is free of charge for people with if you have Estonian ID-code. You`ll have 21 days to read your selected epublications.
Read or listen
MIRKO has everything. To read publications offline, download our free app. Automated bookmark enables you to continue reading where you left off. Text to- speech functionality is also available.
Return anywhere
When the reading time expires, the items will be returned automatically. The deadline cannot be extended. If you have already 5 items on your virtual bookshelf, you need to return some before borrowing new ones.
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Prefer reading offline? Download a free app!

Download a free app to enjoy e-publications for free your PC, tablet or smartphone!

paper book

Prefer reading paperbooks?

Lend a book all over Estonia without leaving your home

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Minu Raamatukogu (MIRKO) is maintained by the National Library of Estonia
info@mirko.ee+372 630 7100
Mon-Fri 10-20, Sat 12-19
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